I plan to make comments and discuss articles that appear in newspapers and magazines that are appearing on a regular basis.  In preparing to start this blog, I’ve become keenly aware of the frequency with which newspapers, magazines and web sites offer articles about marriage:  ”good” marriages, difficulties that commonly arise in marriage, sexual issues between couples, living together and adjusting to second families – just to name a few of the topics I’ve recently seen.

I think the frequency of these articles is the result of living in a culture that has experienced high divorce rates as well as the continuation of marriages that provide little pleasure and too frequently bring emotional pain, infidelity, rage-filled fights and enormous disappointment.

Couple or marriage counseling is very important.  It appears that people very much want to be able to sustain the journey of a long marriage and to trust each others’ intentions and the sincerity of their commitment.

It is for these reasons that I appreciate being able to be involved in helping couples reach these goals when possible.  And should they decide continuing the marriage is impossible, to be able to move forward productively without hatred and with understanding.

I would also like to have this blog provide the opportunity for people to ask questions and discuss their dilemmas in their own marriages.  And of course, I will comment and also welcome courteous comments from others.




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